Avast Safeprice extension

What is Avast Safeprice extension?

Avast SafePrice is the shopping plugin that has been designed for those who wish to receive the most interesting offers. It finds the most advantageous online store offers from the proven and reputable online stores that you are currently looking for online products.

You will find the most advantageous offers in a special browser line, which is automatically hidden when you do not make a purchase. This is a guarantee that you are dealing with trustworthy suppliers and also save time by getting access to all the best offers on the product you are interested in, without spending time on searching for it manually.

This add-on has a number of features:

– Searching for positions with the best offers by category of product you are interested in

– Offer guarantee only from highly reputable sellers

– An absolutely secure online price comparison system

– Highlighting the most profitable and best offers

– An easy configuration according to your requirements

– Auto-hiding of the plug-in panel when you don’t shop

– Display the most beneficial offers without having to go to third party sites

All personal information is deleted immediately (According to Avast)

SafePrice transmits data to their servers, namely, data about products you are looking for and the online stores you visit. The information that is sent to their servers does not include any personal information about the user, only information about the products that the user is viewing. Their technical partner Ciuvo then searches for the most advantageous prices and offers. Ciuvo will not receive any personal information about you.

How do I use the Avast SafePrice extension?

The plugin will get installed automatically in whichever browser you are using when you download and install the Avast antivirus. In case if you have installed the SafeZone browser, the plugin will be installed in your browser by default.

In addition to this, you can also install the SafePrice plugin manually from Chrome and Firefox browser. Once you have the SafePrice extension installed on your device, you can start shopping from your favorite online shops.

Look for the item that you need to buy and the plugin will offer great deals, discounts, and prices for all the items who have recently searched. It is simple to use the browser.

How do I get it on your computer?

You can this plugin installed on your computer in two different ways. Firstly as a part of Avast antivirus app. And secondly as a freeware that you download from the internet. When you are installing Avast antivirus, this plugin is automatically included in your browser. By clicking ‘Next’ constantly during installation, you permit Avast to install it on your computer.

Is Avast SafePrice legit?

Many users think that Avast SafePrice is a virus, as it falls under the category of adware and malware. However, Avast SafePrice is completely legit. As it displays ads and offers constant notifications through pop-ups, one might think that it is some kind of a scam. However, it is not true. It is completely safe to be used.

How do I remove SafePrice?

Remove SafePrice from Control Panel

When you have installed the SafePrice plugin on your computer, knowingly or accidentally, it has to be removed from Control Panel.

  1. Open Control Panel and Locate Apps and Features
  2. Click on Avast SafePrice and uninstall it.

Remove From Firefox

Once you remove the plugin from Firefox, you can also remove from the browser extension. Follow the simple steps.

  1. Open Menu and go to Add-on in Firefox
  2. Locate Avast SafePrice and click on Remove
  3. Restart your browser again.

Remove from Chrome

You can also remove the plugin from Chore browser if you have installed it there. Follow the simple steps.

  1. Go to Chrome extension by typing the URL – Chrome://extensions
  2. Locate the Avast SafePrice extension and click on delete
  3. Restart the browser again.

How do I disable SafePrice?

The first time you launch SafePrice, you will see the welcome screen explaining the functionality of the plug-in, including how to disable it. If you do not want to receive a SafePrice recommendation, you can remove it immediately in the extension settings in your browser. In your browser menu, you will find the settings for extensions (plug-ins) where you can disable the SafePrice service.

Our Final Words about Avast safeprice

Avast SafePrice add-on has been installed in millions of devices worldwide as seen o installs in the add-ons download page of different browsers. If you are concerned about your privacy, this is not the add-on for you. Many users become panic thinking that this is a virus but actually it’s not a virus. It may interrupt your web browsing environment by displaying different popups, relevant ads, and a comparison of the prices. This add-on falls into the grey-area and we are not sure if it steals your personal information. If you trust the words mentioned by Avast about personal information as stated above, you can use Avast SafePrice Add-on on your browser. Else, it may not be a good choice for you and searching the products with manual price comparison will be more beneficial for you in our opinion. If you have already installed Avast SafePrice add-on and want to remove it, you can do it easily going to the page showing all the installed add-ons in your browser and remove it directly from there.