Avira browser safety

Avira Browser Safety is a web browser add-on designed to replace the traditional toolbar, which provides a secure, aesthetically pleasing user interface for visiting and searching websites. Unlike the previous Avira Searchfree Toolbar developed by Ask, Avira Browser Safety is built from scratch by the Avira development team. The plugin works with the Avira URL Cloud service and includes “Do Not Track Me” protection from Abine’s partner.

The main features of Avira Browser Safety

Safe Search – Secure Search

When searching the Internet for relevant information, this feature uses Avira URL Cloud cloud technology to initially scan your search results, and informs you if any search results contain malicious and potentially dangerous content.

Safe Browsing – Securely Browse Web Sites

Like a secure search, the feature uses Avira URL Cloud to protect users from websites they may attempt to visit directly. If a user enters a URL that is known to be unsafe for Avira’s cloud service (contains potentially harmful code, viruses, malware, etc.), Avira Browser Safety alerts you in advance before visiting the website.

Do Not Track Me – Tracking Protection with Avira Browser Safety

With all the privacy issues on the Internet, this feature is becoming increasingly popular. Do Not Track Me analyzes websites for tracking objects, which are usually set up by advertising companies, although they can sometimes be used maliciously.


The adblocker provided prevents the annoying and malicious ads, banner ads and pop-ups which will surely make the web browsing more joyful.

Browser Extension

You can get the extension of Avira Browser Safety in Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons Store, and Opera Add-ons Store.

Now, comes the main question. Should you use Avira Browser Safety in 2019?

Our answer to this question is “No”. Avira Browser Safety has fewer features to provide to the users. This is not the reason for not installing Avira Browser Safety. The browser extensions can interfere with the normal browser functions and even know all the traffic stats. We do not mean to say Avira Browser Safety will track all the browsing history but we mean to say that if they want, they can though they have mentioned do not track me feature. If you want to install Avira Browser safety just for blocking ads, there are other better alternatives available for the specific purpose of blocking ads. Additionally, the modern updated browsers have the feature to block the unsafe sites for which it’s not necessary to have extension in the browser. Common sense also plays a vital role in choosing the sites and judging whether the site is harmful as the potentially harmful sites show unusual ads and behaviors while browsing.

If you still want the extension that can protect you from potentially harmful codes, viruses, and malware while browsing the web and do not have any internet security installed, you can try the freeware available in the extension or add-on store of the respective browser.

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