Cylance Smart Antivirus Review

Cylance may not be the leader among antivirus software in the current marketplace. But among experts, this option is respected and known for actively developing antivirus technologies. Here is more about it.

What is Cylance Smart Antivirus?

Security is a critical issue to consider when using computing devices. In particular, Windows is known as one of the most threatened operating systems, so you need to be serious about protecting your most intimate files and privacy in an increasingly connected world.

Many antivirus programs today fail to provide adequate protection because cybercriminals are becoming more resourceful and more difficult to combat. A significant number of antivirus alternatives are either useless or, even worse, malicious. Thus, there is a great variety of antivirus solutions in the marketplace.

Frequent occurrence of unwanted software that exploits new operating system vulnerabilities increases the requirements for antivirus security systems. The implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) methods can add the property of self-learning to protection systems and ensure the detection of threats very quickly.

Cylance Smart Antivirus is an innovative solution software integrated with artificial intelligence technology. Relative to many modern antiviruses, Cylance Smart Antivirus does not rely on a database of known malware. It uses artificial intelligence to constantly analyze the behavior of files and processes. This type of antivirus detects viruses in the system by not checking whether they match known signatures of the virus or malware, but by detecting their abnormal behavior that goes beyond the current normal window for the network.

AI antivirus works differently. There are various approaches, but AI Antivirus looks for certain threats in its network environment and takes countermeasures immediately. There are many problems that artificial intelligence systems solve. One of them is the problem of pattern recognition. The application of recognition methods in information systems is primarily related to the tasks of information security.

The method of intelligent recognition of cyber threats using logical features makes it possible to obtain the result even in a situation where there is no data on the functions that describe the distribution of the values of the features of a cyber-attack.

More about Cylance Smart Antivirus functions

While many outdated antivirus programs depend on semi-regular updates and signatures to keep your computer secure, Cylance is taking it to the next level. Antivirus uses advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to efficiently implant an ultralight neural network-style brain into your computer. It is trained in all the tricks to catch and isolate viruses before they activate in your system.

Cylance Smart Antivirus improves your PC’s performance, protects against malware, but I would recommend purchasing some additional cybersecurity products for comprehensive protection.

As an AI-controlled security technology, the software does not need to regularly compare all files with known threats. This will give your systems excellent protection without blocking them. You can read more information on the Cylance login page.

Thanks to IA technology, this antivirus software can be extremely useful in preventing phishing attacks on users on a particular network. These phishing attacks are extremely common in many companies, where employees are sent fraudulent emails to obtain their confidential information, such as company passwords, bank and credit card details, and so on. Artificial intelligence methods can be used to monitor employee emails in your company account and check for anything suspicious, such as certain templates and phrases that may indicate that the email is a phishing attempt.

Pros and cons

There are the following benefits of Cylance Smart Antivirus:

  • Easy to use – you can just install and forget.
  • Unique antivirus engine based on artificial intelligence.
  • No update requests or other annoying notifications.
  • Excellent antivirus protection.
  • Good discounts for multiple licenses.