The Best Dog Camera for home

If you want to choose a high-quality and effective camera for your pet, we advise you to pay attention to a device such as Furbo Dog. A considerable advantage of this product is that the wifi pet camera like other dog cameras is combined with special equipment that can give a treat to your pet. This, in turn, helps the dog stay at home in comfort and not cause a great disturbance in your absence.

The camera has:

  • Impressive 720p Resolution
  • Night vision function
  • Two-way audio and video calling function
  • A treat for your dog
  • Wi-Fi function

Unique design and customization of the Furbo Dog camera

If you compare this camera with other similar devices, then it deserves attention due to its unique technical characteristics. The device is made of high-quality materials and impact-resistant plastic.

At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that the camera will work most effectively if it is placed at any opportunity at home. It can be a bookcase or a shelf. Thus, you can provide the broadest coverage of the room in which your pet is located and observe it at any time of the day. Besides, in this case, the dog will not be able to get to his favorite treats and damage the camera.

In the middle of the case, a special device is placed in the chamber that gives treats to your pet. At the same time, the camera itself is slightly higher and provides a good overview. The camera is also equipped with a special LED indicator that changes color if you get remote access via a Wi-Fi network.

The specifics of placing the camera in the house

As we have said, it’s best if you put the camera on a shelf or a small cabinet. Thus, the device will fit perfectly into any room interior. Also, this arrangement is one of the most effective for several reasons, among which the following can be noted:

The fullest view of the room

The animal cannot get direct access to the treats in the device

It is also worth noting that the camera lens is pointing slightly down, and therefore placement on a hill will help you solve the problem of viewing the entire room. If you want to know precisely what your dog is doing throughout the day, then such placement will help you achieve this goal.

High performance and wide-angle lens

Thanks to the high-quality wide-angle lens, the camera provides excellent visibility of the entire room. Even though the camera does not have a function for panoramic shooting and changing the angle of the lens, the overview is excellent. Therefore, if you are looking for a camera in terms of price and quality, then this option is one of the most acceptable.

Thanks to the night mode function, you can also watch your pet in the dark. Just imagine how interesting it is to watch your pet and know for sure that everything is fine with it.


Although at the moment there is a considerable number of offers of home cameras on the market, this option deserves special attention. Thanks to the bright image, you will always be satisfied with the video sequence that you will receive. Besides, if you want to reward your dog for good behavior or remind the animal of your care, you can always treat your pet with a delicious treat.