PC Matic antivirus review

PC Matic review

Annoying advertising is sometimes omnipresent. Often you can not just go to any site, so as not to stumble upon this ad. And we are not talking about spyware yet. Therefore, without a reliable antivirus and spyware hunter just can not do.

PC Matic is a real-time data protection solution for users on the Internet. The program blocks the execution of any program if you do not whitelist it. There are also other key features that include ad blocking, file-free malware protection, remote control, and more.

The main options of the program

The main option of this program is diagnostics. This option must be completed before you proceed to the next stages of problem resolution. This procedure consists of four components:

  • technical safety
  • service
  • stability
  • performance

PC Matic scans files(witch described in PC Matic review), checks disk fragmentation, searches for viruses, verifies the latest drivers, searches for any threats. Only after a volume scan, the program runs tests. The user can set the scan mode by checking the necessary items.

Immediately after the diagnosis, you will get the result. Color marking sections will show you where there are problems on your computer, and where they are simply not there. The program is created with a set of useful and relevant options:

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training. This option means that the program’s subscriber has access to cybersecurity training and courses.

PC Matic Adblocker. A tool that blocks ads, pop-ups and other garbage on your PC. The program effectively fights even advanced advertising viruses that can steal user data and break into the system of his PC.

Automated PC Maintenance. This tool is all about system optimization: disk defragmentation, updating drivers, deactivating unimportant tasks, fixing software, speeding up downloading files, etc.

In case of any problems or questions, PC Mathis will be ready to provide customer support, which works all 7 days a week.

PC Matic Benefits

If you are looking for a multifunctional tool for your computer, here you have found the optimal solution. PC Matic is a kind of Swiss knife for a computer user. Therefore, the use of this program carries so many advantages.

  • Elite security
  • Free Cybersecurity Initiation
  • Servicing your PC at an automated level
  • Built-in Adblocker with anti-Walt virus protection
  • Ability to control remotely
  • File Anti-Malware Protection
  • White real-time list

The program works neatly and does not pose a threat to the system.

How much is it?

PC Matic offers software that protects data and optimizes computer systems in the office or at home. The program is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

A user can download a trial demo version, and then purchase a one-year subscription, which costs about $ 50. If you pay $ 150, you can get the Pro version for all time. At the same time, there will always be all the necessary updates.


PC Matic is an excellent program with a clear interface and effective functionality. A set of useful options provides complete security to your computer, as well as the absence of ad blocking. In fact, it is a system optimizer with a wide range of actions. As an added bonus, the user can learn the basics of cybersecurity. Also, a customer support service is ready to help at any time.