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Avast Safeprice extension

What is Avast Safeprice extension?

Avast SafePrice is the shopping plugin that has been designed for those who wish to receive the most interesting offers. It finds the most advantageous online store offers from the proven and reputable online stores that you are currently looking for online products.

 You will find the most advantageous offers in a special browser line, which is automatically hidden when you do not make a purchase. This is a guarantee that you are dealing with trustworthy suppliers and also save time by getting access to all the best offers on the product you are interested in, without spending time on searching for it manually.


This add-on has a number of features: 

– Searching for positions with the best offers by category of product you are interested in

 – Offer guarantee only from highly reputable sellers 

– An absolutely secure online price comparison system 

– Highlighting the most profitable and best offers 

– An easy configuration according to your requirements 

– Auto-hiding of the plug-in panel when you don’t shop 

– Display the most beneficial offers without having to go to third party sites

 All personal information is deleted immediately (According to Avast)

SafePrice transmits data to their servers, namely, data about products you are looking for and the online stores you visit. The information that is sent to their servers does not include any personal information about the user, only information about the products that the user is viewing. Their technical partner Ciuvo then searches for the most advantageous prices and offers. Ciuvo will not receive any personal information about you. 

How do I disable SafePrice?

The first time you launch SafePrice, you will see the welcome screen explaining the functionality of the plug-in, including how to disable it. If you do not want to receive a SafePrice recommendation, you can remove it immediately in the extension settings in your browser. In your browser menu, you will find the settings for extensions (plug-ins) where you can disable the SafePrice service.

Our Final Words about Avast safeprice

Avast SafePrice add-on has been installed in millions of devices worldwide as seen o installs in the add-ons download page of different browsers. If you are concerned about your privacy, this is not the add-on for you. Many users become panic thinking that this is a virus but actually it’s not a virus. It may interrupt your web browsing environment by displaying different popups, relevant ads, and a comparison of the prices. This add-on falls into the grey-area and we are not sure if it steals your personal information. If you trust the words mentioned by Avast about personal information as stated above, you can use Avast SafePrice Add-on on your browser. Else, it may not be a good choice for you and searching the products with manual price comparison will be more beneficial for you in our opinion. If you have already installed Avast SafePrice add-on and want to remove it, you can do it easily going to the page showing all the installed add-ons in your browser and remove it directly from there.

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Avast VPN review

Avast SecureLine is a simple VPN from the popular Avast Software vendor, but it works under HideMyAss! network (HideMyAss! now part of the Avast group).

SecureLine specifications are relatively common. There is a medium-size network of 55 seats (P2P is only supported by 8) in 34 countries. You get clients for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, but nothing more – not even downloadable OpenVPN configuration files that can allow you to manually configure other software and devices.

And there is no zero knowledge DNS system, no customizable protocol to bypass the VPN lockdown, no sign of anything even slightly advanced. SecureLine isn’t bad, but it’s not outstanding either. This is more focused on being “good enough”.

Pricing for Avast VPN

Coverage of Android or iOS platform is comparatively cheap with the pricing of $19.50, but the licenses for Windows and Mac cost more with an annual $65 which is equivalent to the pricing of $5.42 per month. Private Internet access currently charges $3.33 per month This information from Avast VPN review. You will be charged $3.33 ($2.56) per month for its annual plan, which allows the usage of any five devices at the same time.

If you pay $8.40 on an annual basis, that will cost you $7 per month, you will receive coverage for up to five devices. This results in more cost that private Internet Access but still it has an advantage. Many VPN accounts only provide the service for the devices only of the account holder. Five SecureLine devices can be owned and used by anyone. One license could cover the entire members of the family.

So, due to this reason, the service seems reasonable. And if you are tempted to try, a seven-day trial version that is not tied to strings makes it easy to make any necessary payments.


The support site of Avast is considered to be a resource with abundant information, completely overflowing with configuration, guides for using and troubleshooting the problems that are faced. The main page contains a total number of 15 articles and many of them deal with something other than the main issues faced in VPN (signing up for an Avast account, meeting the requirements of GDPR, two articles on product activation, two more to cancel the automatic update – you will get the idea).

We went a little deeper and found the FAQ SecureLine. This has more relevant topics, but there are a few details and nothing that compares to specialized VPN vendors such as Express VPN.

If you can’t find immediate help online, you can try to post the question in the SecureLine section of the Avast Support Forum. This isn’t particularly busy, but it does bring some benefit.

Also, if the problem is not resolved, you can be able to talk with the support team directly by filling up a form and they usually respond within two business days.

Vpn Avast Verdict

Easy to use and with higher average performance, Avast SecureLine can be an intelligent VPN choice for a single computer, especially with a low-cost mobile license. But be careful – there are hardly any features, the inflexible licensing system won’t work for everyone, and you can’t set up the SecureLine on your router as a shortcut.